Limo Hire Rugby

Your one stop for professional Rugby Limousine Hire Services - tailored to meet your needs...

Why choose us over the many Limo companies based around Rugby? Well for a start, Rugby Limos offer you a wide selection of World Famous Limos at very reasonable prices, providing you with more satisfaction if you ride with us. Rugby Limos offer Limos in all different shapes, sizes, colors and themes giving you the chance to choose your ideal limousine you would like to ride in. At Rugby Limos, we provide Rugby White Limos and 16 Seater Limos Rugby for whatever the amount of people you partying with. All of our Limos at Rugby Limos are washed and polished thoroughly to a very high standard on a daily basis so when you ride with Rugby Limos, each ride is as good as the next.

Our Chauffeurs are all dressed in a suit and hat and will drive you safely to your chosen destination, our Chauffeurs are also CRB checked by the police and offer you nothing but skilled driving and excellent manners. At Rugby Limos, all you need to do is jump into one of our Limousines and you will notice the sheer difference in it to any other Limo in Rugby. First of all, our limos all contain a stretched bar area boasting a selection of sparkling champagne and soft drinks, just pour yourself a glass of our finest bubbly and relax on our irresistible leather seating while you socialize with the rest of your party. In the partying mood already? Turn up the volume on our interior speaker system that will getting your heart pumping just as much as the bass.

Check out the groovy disco lights bounce off our gigantic overhead mirror within the limo, or take your time out to experience our famous laser light show! Why not flick on the TV and see what the score is with our many LCD TVs spotted around the Limos.

There's so much to do when you choose to ride with Rugby Limos and we offer it all at such high quality and at so low prices, so if you've got somewhere to go, a day to celebrate, or a night out to get drunk, choose Rugby Limo Hire to ensure a worthwhile, unmissable, memorable ride of entertainment.